Product Description

Disposablevape is an e-cigarette brand in Dubai that produces first class e-liquids which gives vapers an immeseaurable vaping experience. Its vape pens are made of a stainless materila with a size of L106.5*D10.5 and it comes with a variety of flavors which includes Omani mango, pineapples, banana, double apple, watermelon ice, dokha, taro ice cream, peppermint, energy bull and red grape flavors embedded in a tank volume 1.5ml which is vaporized by an in-built coil of 1.8ohms resistance.

The Disposablevape e-cigrattes generally have an inbuilt battery of310mAh that gives an output power of 10W, the best fit to give the vaper a memorial 500 puffs from his e-cigarette.

Ways to Enjoy your Vape Experience

It’s ok to want to blow out huge clouds or want the vapor from the vaporizer to block out the sun. There is no wrong in chasing clouds but this not the in-thing about vaping. Most vapers would agree that getting a robust, nice and vivid flavor that will give maximum satisfaction is better off than being in a cloud competition. The truth remains that big clouds do not matter.

However, many vapers claim that cloud-chasing is more fashionable after which, they miss out on the true satisfaction that vaping can give. Therefore it is more important to get the best taste out of your vape pen.

The question is now how do you get maximum flavor from your vape pen? How do you get that special satisfaction from every puff of your vape pen? We present in this guide some of the very best tips that will give you that maximum from the flavors of the vape pen.

1.Use Disposable Vape Pen

Traditionally, adjusting the vape device settings can improve the flavor that you can get from your vape pen. This is because e-juices consist of several components all of which come out at different temperatures. Also, the settings of the vape pen alongside the resistance will determine how hot the coil can get. However, this is where the usefulness of the disposable vape pen sets in. Here, all the settings have already been done and all the vaper needs to do is just to enough the special flavor.

2.Choose juices with Higher Polyethylene Glycol

Most vapers now choose vape pen with e-juices having a higher PG/VG ratio. This is because they tend to develop this preference over time because PG tends to give out more flavor rather than VG. While the latter gives up flavors having thicker flavors which in turn gives bigger clouds.

Another fact is that even though VG almost has no taste, it has a slight touch of sweetness and does not hold flavor as does PG. this is why vape pens with concentrated flavorings are usually mixed in PG rather than VG.

So in general e-liquids with higher PG contents will give out the better flavor. Due to the PG’s downside of producing throat hits, a vape pen having a 50-50 ratio is ideal for most vapers.

  1. Chexk The Design of The Vape Pen

Unknown to most vapers, the design of the vape pen does influence the flavor delivery during vaping. Material for construction, mode of operation, the position of airflow, amount of airflow and size of bore drip tip does determine the amount of satisfaction that the vaper can enjoy.

Most devices are designed to have airflow holes at the side of the coil, but having the airflow below the coil does boost flavor. With airflows beneath the coils, there is a direct path to the mouthpiece which improves on the flavor.

Another factor worthy of note is the size of the bore drip tip. Wider bore is better for cloudier vaping while narrower bore drip tips give that extra flavoring. So choosing a vape pen with narrower bore drip tip should the top choice for vapers that wants to enjoy more flavor during vaping.

This is why it is of paramount importance to choose disposable vape pens that have been specifically designed to give vapers maximum satisfaction at all times.

4.Specifications really matters

Specifications undoubtedly affect the amount of flavor delivery and this is one of the points flavor-chasing vapers should not overlook. Before choosing a disposable vape pen, vapers should take specifications like tan capacity, resistance, etc because they are very vital. The tan capacity would tell of the amount of e-juice the disposable vape contains while the resistance gives information on how much heat it can sustain.

So look for a brand that offers specifications that are in line with what you have in mind as a vaper and with them, you can enjoy vaping like never before.


Truth be told, your vape pen is one part of the vaping exercise while you as a vaper completes the equation. One of the major problems that vapers have is what is referred to as “flavor fatigue”. After a long time vaping a particular flavor, lots of vapers usually get tired of that flavor and it seems not to have that same punch it used to have. The vaper might even have trouble enjoying e-juices with similar tastes too.

This issue can be solved in many ways but the easiest of all is to try out a new flavor. Also, you can take a lemon, drink water or smell fresh coffee beans to beat this problem and restore your taste buds to factory settings.

In general, following these tips is sure to make you enjoy your e-liquid flavors more. But another thing is to obey your taste buds, give them what they want and while doing it make sure you do not get lost in the clouds. 

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