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E-cigarettes (vape pen) is a breakthrough to smokers, a cigarette that offers numerous amount of flavors. It will excite you to know that the Vape is battery powered, its shape looks like that of a pen. There is some Vape pen that is refillable others are disposable vape.

The vape pen has containers that are filled with e-liquids that contain amazing flavors and other non-harmful chemicals. It functions with the help of a powered heating device that converts the liquid to vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the users when they puff off from their Vape pen.

There are several kinds of Vape pen perhaps a thousand different types in the market, especially shops in Dubai, a city with so much fun. What makes the difference is the flavor and the quality of the puffs you inhale. Due to the saturated market, it is now difficult to obtain a firsthand e-cigarette, some of these Vape pens contain THC chemicals; a substance in marijuana that makes users feel high.

“Disposable Vape” is one of the trusted vape brands with several shops in UAE and also a legitimate online store where you can freely and easily shop. Disposable vape has the best mix accompanied by the quality you desire from a vape pen.

Another amazing thing about vaping is its ability to help you quit smoking. A vape pen makes your smoke taste a lot better than the usual tobacco taste you feel from your local cigarettes. Some offer fantastic flavors such as chocolate, pineapple, and your favorite peppermint taste.

Another Essential Reason Why Vaping Beats Smoking If you are serious about enjoying a better smoke rather than your boring cigarette that doesn’t have so many adventures as found in your e-cigarette. Making an extra investment beyond your favorite brown cigarette packet has both advise as it holds both physical and psychological benefits. Spending more for a satisfying experience isn’t such a bad thing investment After all, and don’t get scared because there are affordable vape pens with awesome flavors.

We advise you to limit your exposure to cigarettes that contain harmful chemicals; these cigarettes are cheap and very easy to come across. Beware of some of these harmful products packaged, some contain chemicals like diacetyl and other hazardous ingredients, these are not the real vape pen that gives you that luxurious feeling when you smoke.

A Vape pen is an amazing tool to reduce your nicotine level. A good vape should give you enough flexibility in your choices of e-liquid. Flexibility means your ability to buy e-liquids of varying nicotine concentrations which will eventually wean off the nicotine. Many vape users have used this method to lead a zero nicotine level in their lives, and continue to vape for the fun of vaping. For those whose intention is to enjoy an adventurous journey in their quest to quit smoking, we advise you not to smoke and vape, you need to stick wholly to your vape pen and ensure to quite your regular cigarettes. Doing this will defeat the purpose and you increase the health dangers when you combine smoking and vaping.

Vaping In Dubai

When next you are on a field trip in the emirates, you can visit one of our vape shops in Dubai to purchase your disposable vape pen. Dubai holds history to be a small desert town only 50 years ago and has developed into a vibrant city where business and culture persist, a focal point in the Middle East and a popular tourist destination.

How to enjoy your vape Dubai

Dubai holds an amazing place to be and here are some facts on how you can enjoy your vape pen in this beautiful city

  • When cruising through the hot desert on a sport GTA, enjoy our amazing taro ice cream flavor which gives you a sense of refreshment.
  • With an incredible battery capacity of 310mah, you can enjoy an all-night cruise with as many puffs from your disposable vape pen.
  • While you sit on the magnificent real estate and skyscrapers that give Dubai its enormous beauty, enjoy the disposable vape pen that offers you up to 500 puffs of numerous flavors.

A short Review on an incredible Vape brand

The major challenge most users encounter with the disposable pen is its longevity. Some vape shop here in Dubai sell vape pen that has only 50 puffs, but as earlier stated the disposable vape offers its users up to 500 puffs, it’s not just a stainless vape that has a 310mah battery capacity, it has a pod capacity of 1.5ml and a 10W power and a resistance of 1.8ohms, this gives you a sense of safety. Lastly, nothing makes your smoke more satisfying than the pleasure of several flavors such as its taro ice cream, peppermint, banana, red grapes, watermelon ice, pineapple, watermelon ice and many more.

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