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How e-cigarettes work, what is in the liquid and whether or not they are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette  “e-cigarette” for short – does not smoke, it only vaporizes, the aroma liquid for this is available with or without nicotine.

It doesn’t smoke, it just vaporizes:  the electronic cigarette does not burn tobacco, but rather vaporizes an aromatic liquid with or without nicotine. How it works and what is in the liquids.

How does e-cigarettes work?

The e-cigarette consists of a battery part with electronics and air sensor, tank and an evaporator chamber. The aroma liquid, also called liquid, is heated in the evaporator and evaporated at 65 to 120 degrees. This mechanism is activated either by pressing a button or automatically with every move. Otherwise the system is always switched off.

What is in the liquids?

The carrier substance for all e-cigarette liquids available in the market is propylene glycol. The vapor is created from this liquid and often also from glycerin. In addition, flavors such as menthol, almond or vanilla and, if necessary, nicotine are added. According to the information, the substances mentioned all comply with the requirements that also apply in the pharmaceutical industry or food production. Liquids with a high nicotine content correspond in strength to normal tobacco cigarettes, namely those of the medium level of a light cigarette. There are also liquids without added nicotine.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful to smokers?

According to the Association of the e-cigarette trade in Seevetal, Lower Saxony, the vapor contains fewer pollutants than conventional cigarette smoke. For example, there is no tar in the vapor because, unlike the tobacco cigarette, there is no embers in the e-cigarette.

Are e-cigarettes less harmful to passive smokers?

E-cigarettes are also said to be less harmful to the environment: some e-cigarette smokers inhale the vapor so deeply that no measurable pollutants are released when they exhale. In addition, there is no vapor if you don’t pull on the e-cigarette – unlike conventional cigarettes, which also smoke.

E-cigarette: pharmaceuticals or luxury foods?

At the time of the market launch, there was controversy about the product differentiation of the e-cigarette. Are nicotine-containing liquids to be classified as medicinal products or luxury foods? This also led to the question of approval, which is not only expensive but also tedious. Finally, in December 2015, the Federal Court of Justice classified liquids containing nicotine as tobacco products. Since these also contained flavors, glycerin and other substances, the sale was initially illegal until the implementation of the new EU Tobacco Directive in May 2016. Today, e-cigarettes are freely sold.

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