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Product Description

Dubai is presently one of the best sites for tourists in the world, and while exploring its magnificent city, you shouldn’t forget to enrich your travels with an amazing Vape experience. Disposable vape produces top-notch disposable Vape pens which have in its store up to 10 different flavors. With a battery capacity of 310mAh, you are 100% sure of using your Vape throughout your tour or field trip. It offers an excess of up to 500 puffs to ensure you never starve of smoke. A resistance of 1. 8 ohms guarantees you of a safe use without getting burnt. 

The Disposablevape is very portable with a size of L106.5 * D10.5, it can fit into your pocket and it looks just like a pen. Its stainless material gives it the right disguise of a pen, hence you don’t need to carry a packet of cigarettes which announces to the whole world that a smoker is here, it is the best way to keep your smoking habit on a low profile.


Dubai is well known as the originator of shisha and hookah bars, it is one of the amazing cultures in the UAE. But having fun has gone beyond the normal shisha parlor, with the latest techniques there is a better device called the Vape pen. Define the Vape pen. Other there is some restriction on where one shouldn’t smoke, but there are several places and parlors one can enjoy their vapor in Dubai city, without having any disturbance from the authorities.

The Courtyards

Another place where your dokha vape pen will balance the ambiance, this is because the courtyard is a place known for portraying the Arabian experience. This is a place one must visit when you are in the city of Dubai. You enjoy its incredible Arabic music along with your e-cigarette. They use the majis style sitting pattern which gives you a luxurious feeling.

The only regulation there is its dress code which prohibits individuals from wearing short sleeves, flip-flops, and shorts.

Smokey Beach

The Smokey beach is a place where one can easily vibe to and enjoy their Vape. Dubai Omar is known for its first-class interiors, and Smokey beach isn’t left behind, it has great artifacts you can occupy your eyes with all day. The run an almost 24 hours service from 9:00 AM – 5:00 AM, and the foods and drinks are also delicious.


Shimmer has a great reflection of the true Arabian kingdom with its Arabian decors. This makes it very indigenous and hence the dokha Vape flavor is the most recommended because it has the same taste with the local Arabian tobacco, what an amazing match.


Have had the luxurious view of Dubai from an exiting rooftop, the Shades is one of those rooftops you will love to have an evening section. This view gives you a glistering view of Dubai city. It is an amazing place to experiment on your Vape flavors and enjoy a deep relaxation from the air-conditioned city.

Piccolo Mondo Bay

There are galleries where you can have fun and still enjoy the artworks done by created by great painters. The Piccolo Monday bay is an amazing place you can have such views and freedom. You can freely enjoy your vaping while you move around and appreciate the great works hung on the walls. It has a warm and intriguing ambience with an exterior citing structure in strategic areas.

Buhayra Lounge

The buhayra lounge is a place surrounded by decorated palm trees and a swimming pool. It gives its visitors the same outdoor feeling gs with their delicious Arabian cuisine served. This is also a place where you are free to use your disposable Vape pen.

Marbaiya Restaurant and Café

This is not one of those restaurants or cafes where a waiter will walk up to you and say “sir smoking is prohibited here”. This is an amazing place served with delicious Arabian cuisine and you are allowed to smoke your e-cigarette. They operate 24/7 and their Mondays and Fridays always feature an enjoyable karaoke night.


Chandelier’s view of the city is mesmerizing, and its Lebanese menu is all the more inviting misted with some amazing shisha. The gala staff will be at your service and make your time spent here memorable. Only a few places in the UAE have such structures that give an incredible view of its city such as the Chandelier. A place served with a good Lebanese menu and the always offers first-class customer service to their guests. You are also allowed to enjoy your disposable Vape pen.

Reem al Bawadi

Looking for where to enjoy your newly acquired e-cigarette aside from your home, then the Reem al Bawadi is a great location for you. A place where you see other people enjoy their smoke, its always lively. They open from 8:00 AM – 2:30 AM.

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