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Five reasons vaping is healthier than smoking

Vaping seems to be significantly more beneficial to health than cigarettes. A recent study found that e-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, making them an excellent choice for smoking cessation. It doesn’t matter what type of vaporizer is used – vaping is now considered to be much healthier than the traditional cigarette and it is a new era of smoking.

Some even advocate that e-cigarettes be part of health programs to make tobacco smokers easier to smoke. But where does this opinion come from and why is vaping supposedly healthier than smoking?

Below are five reasons why you should trade your cigarette for a vaporizer.

  • Vaping can lower the risk of cancer

Surely everyone knows these frightening articles that e-cigarettes should actually have more carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) than tobacco and that this topic is negatively affected from the start. This is wrong. Some researchers found these carcinogenic substances in considerable quantities in e-cigarettes and thus classified them as unsafe – but this was actually only half the story. In reality, the cause of these high levels of carcinogens was simply due to overheating vaporizers. So wrong and not working properly vaporizers.

If a vape is made safely and used responsibly, it is definitely not. Then it will not overheat in the first place and no harmful substances will be released. This is already ensured by the manufacturer – therefore, most of them are protected against overheating and the maximum temperatures are kept low.

Much lower amounts of chemicals associated with lung cancer, acrolein in e-cigarettes, are also released. Therefore, the vaporizers are really safe. And so that you can trust them in the future, you should only buy vape pens and vaporizers from trustworthy retailers. Because the manufacturers can prove that all necessary health and safety requirements are met.

  • Vaping does not prevent oxygen saturation

It is well known: Inhaling carbon monoxide (CO), a substance in all tobacco cigarettes, can have extremely harmful effects on the respiratory tract and reduce the level of oxygen in the blood. This is because CO binds to the red blood cells much faster than oxygen, so that CO enters the cell instead of oxygen and is then transported differently and much faster into the bloodstream. As a result, there is a lack of oxygen and this leads to blood flow problems.

However, e-cigarettes do not contain any CO. This is prevented by the type of vaporizer. Only the incomplete and incorrect combustion of substances generates CO. But since vapes uses a vaporization system instead of burning substances, the vapor is clearer and much healthier – vaporizer. There is therefore only a low risk of CO poisoning when smoking e-cigarettes and you will not have any problems with your bloodstream. Because it is precisely this substance that is not released in the bloodstream.

  • Vaping does not cause tooth decay

There are fewer and fewer people with dental problems or blackened teeth – as you know from a lifetime of smoking tobacco and all the pictures on the cigarette packs. Dentists can now breathe a sigh of relief due to the rise in e-cigarettes. While there is no direct research to show that e-cigarettes are necessarily better for your teeth now, there is definitely evidence that it has no negative effects on your teeth or comes with no drawbacks. In addition, some dentists believe that oral cancer will decrease the problem.

  • Vaping lowers the risk of nicotine poisoning

It’s easy to do a search on Google and look for the symptoms and fatal consequences of nicotine poisoning. Who wouldn’t want to keep track of things and get an overview before they smoke their material and start vaping? With an e-cigarette, you have the opportunity to track how much nicotine you are actually inhaling and whether nicotine is being consumed at all. Vape stores and vaporizer online shops mean that you can get information about different nicotine strengths and nicotine quantities at any time. Many e-liquids are now completely free of nicotine.

Many medical institutes even recommend that vaporizers can be used as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help people quit the real smoke of tobacco.

  • Vaping lowers the risk of harming the health of others

Passive smoking from portable vaporizers is considered far less dangerous than passive smoking tobacco. It doesn’t actually release smoke – just steam. This means that far fewer harmful chemicals are released from the steam and it is healthier for the vaper and other people. Nobody has to “smoke passively” anymore. The addictive nicotine substance, the oxygen hungry carbon monoxide and the less pleasant smelling smell stay away. None of this is released from e-cigarettes. Family and friends will surely thank you.

The e-cigarette needs more research, of course, and the market is only just beginning. The medical effects also need further research – but so far everything has been quite positive and there are no concerns. Of course, you should still be careful not to smoke too much in general – because even if it is vaping, it can certainly encourage increased smoking.