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How To Quit Smoking And Adopt Vaping

Switch to vaping from smoking to vaping – How do you become a non-smoker by vaping? From the day you made the switch from smoking to vaping, you are a non-smoker! Right here, we tell you the tricks that will help you make the switch. It’s that easy to become a non-smoker.

You’ve probably heard about how easier it is to quit smoking by switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In principle, that’s the way it is, but you should definitely observe a few rules that drastically increase the chances of success, the smokers among you know what I’m talking about. You keep resolving yourself to quit smoking. The frustrating thing is that if you try it the traditional way, statistically speaking , the chances of success are just 4%. With every failed attempt to quit smoking, frustration increases. With this ever-increasing frustration, the will to try again decreases.

But what keeps us with the glow sticks? Is it really just the nicotine? Then why do nicotine replacement products such as nicotine patches or chewing gum  have no effect? Nicotine is one of the fastest addicting substances ever. It is responsible for heart and circulatory diseases. Nicotine stimulates the heart to beat faster, increases the need for oxygen and has a constricting effect on the blood vessels. Even those who vape with nicotine live anything but healthy. Heart attacks and strokes are often due to nicotine. For this reason, your long-term goal should be to get rid of nicotine while vaping. You can find out how this can work in the section “Liquids and nicotine content”.

The majority of smokers will become ill due to the several thousand harmful compounds contained in tobacco smoke. The smoke from a single cigarette contains between 3,000 and 4,000 pollutants, around 70 of which are carcinogenic, of course this is more or less known to all smokers. Still, for me, that was never the main reason to stop. It is the “little things” in everyday life that annoy the smoker. The yellow fingers and teeth, the yellowed wallpaper in your own apartment, the stinking breath, the smell of clothes. You notice that you are increasingly losing performance . Climbing stairs becomes more and more strenuous. Then there is the sputum when you brush your teeth in the morning. The constant cough. Now you have to stand like a dog outside in the cold in front of the restaurant to get your dose of nicotine. These were just a few examples of the unpleasant side effects of smoking. And yet the number of cigarettes smoked per day is continuously increasing. The wonderful thing is that we can put an end to all of this now!

E-cigarettes don’t stink, you don’t get yellow fingers and teeth, your walls don’t turn yellow. You can also breathe freely again. You can also vape in places where smoking is prohibited. You are wondering why you should succeed in doing what you have already tried unsuccessfully with nicotine patches or the like with an e-cigarette? Why can you just become a non-smoker now? It’s not just the nicotine that we loved about cigarettes. We smokers were a community, we always had our cigarettes with us. Without the cigarette packet, we were missing something. In the evenings with a beer after work, we could play with the lighter and the cigarette pack. It was fun to blow the smoke out through the nose and mouth and to form little circles. The morning cigarette with coffee was just as much a ritual as the cigarette after dinner.

The nice thing about vaping is that you don’t have to go without any of it. Over time, you will buy better and more extraordinary devices. Maybe you will stick with your starter set. With self-winding vaporizers you have the opportunity to influence the vapor behavior, the taste and the flash of your e-cigarettes. The flash is also called a throat hit . It’s the feeling you get when the steam reaches your lungs. This is the feeling you get when you smoke conventional cigarettes. Everyone feels a little differently. It is often described as a slight, comfortable scratchy throat or pressure in the lungs. The flash can only be felt with nicotine-containing liquids.

Unlike smoking, when you vape you no longer inhale toxic smoke. You will be able to smell and taste better  again within a few weeks . You won’t be short of breath any longer. So get started as soon as possible.

What you need to successfully make the switch

  • Hardware

The first thing the smoker will think of is the small e-cigarette that looks very similar to the Pyros. We strongly advise against this type of e-cigarette !!! They do not hold enough liquid, the battery life is not acceptable and they are very vulnerable! You need at least two well-functioning and reliable e-cigarettes to make the switch. If one of them fails, you still have the option to continue vaping with the other. This prevents you from buying cigarettes again at the first opportunity.

  • E-liquid and nicotine content

There are liquids in a wide variety of flavors. It is best to first buy a small bottle from each basic direction (tobacco, fruit, dessert and menthol). Don’t be afraid to steam fruit liquids as well. Every smoker who smokes an e-cigarette for the first time expects something completely different. Get rid of the thought that e-cigarettes might taste like pyros. E-cigarettes have little in common with a conventional cigarette. Nothing is burned while vaping. Are PG (propylene glycol) , VG (vegetable glycerin), Food flavors and, as the case may be, water or nicotine. Of course, it can’t taste like a cigarette that burns around 4,000 chemical substances. Even with the tobacco flavors you won’t find any liquid that even comes close to the taste of your pyros. You will be amazed when you vape for a few hours or days and then pull on a pyro again at how disgusting it tastes. Tried liquids from friends, in stores and at vaping fairs. If you like peppermint, you have the full choice when it comes to vaping. However, the taste remains in your vaporizer for a long time and it is worth using your own vaporizer for menthol liquids. If you do not do this, the taste of your other liquids may be distorted. There are liquids with different levels of nicotine. The best thing to do is of course to vaporize liquids without any nicotine. But if you’ve smoked before and want to quit, then it all depends on how much you’ve smoked before and which vaporizers you use.

If you have smoked a lot before (2-3 packets a day), then try starting with 18 mg nicotine . An e-liquid with 18mg nicotine strength is too strong for the sub-ohm range. If you use vaporizers that have a resistance of less than one ohm, then 9 mg of nicotine strength is completely sufficient, even if you have smoked a lot before. In general, it is better to start with a nicotine content that is a little too high and then keep going down with concentration. If you ‘ve smoked little before, 4-6 mg of nicotine strength are also completely sufficient.

Proper vaping and possible side effects when vaping!

  • Don’t put any pressure on yourself to switch! Every cigarette that you smoke less is a great success. Smoke on the side at first. You will smoke a lot less if you vape too. Make sure that you don’t pull on the e-cigarettes as you are used to from the Pyros. Due to strong pulling , the liquid can not flow back quickly enough. It takes time for it to be transported from the fibers or wadding to the heating coil. By pulling too hectically and frequently you can provoke a ‘dry hit’ . You burn the carrier material of your e-cigarette.  
  • If you get a headache, it’s because of the nicotine. As a rule, you automatically steam less and these headaches go away by themselves. If that doesn’t help either, try liquid with a lower nicotine strength.
  • Propylene glycol has the ability to bind water and can therefore lead to a dry throat. Here it helps to get used to drinking plenty of water in addition to vaping.
  • There is a very high chance that after you quit smoking completely, you will find that you feel much better all around. You have a new hobby that is far cheaper than smoking. Vaping isn’t exactly good for your health, but it’s still much more tolerable than smoking. You are now inhaling vapor with a handful of substance. But you have managed to put an end to the inhalation of smoke with approx. 4,000 chemical compounds, 70 of which have been proven to be carcinogenic.

Finally steamers

The consumption of e-cigarettes can have harmful effects on health and is therefore only permitted for adults who can deal with this risk independently.