A clear statement right from the start: You don’t pull on electronic cigarettes as hectically and forcefully as on conventional tobacco cigarettes!

  • The following applies to a tobacco cigarette : the harder you pull it, the more tobacco is burned and the more smoke is produced. However, this is not the case with the e-cigarette. Smokers have to get used to vaping e-cigarettes.
  • An e-cigarette is drawn differently. Hectic, fast and intensive pulling produces hardly any steam and hardly any taste. In addition, if the draft is too strong, too much liquid can get into the vaporizer, which is not vaporized and ultimately leads to leakage, silting or bubbling.
  • Steamers have time – smokers don’t;)

It sounds more complicated than it is. After a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll be producing some good steam.

How to vape or smoke an e-cigarette properly:

  • Press the power button and pull the e-cigarette at the same time.
  • Slowly count “twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three” which equals 3 seconds.
  • Let go of the power button and inhale the generated steam.

Since a liquid is vaporized, you have to pull on the e-cigarette longer, more slowly and less intensely with MTL vaporizers (baking vaporizers) . After you have drawn slowly and quietly for approx. 3-5 seconds, you will get an intense taste and a good amount of vapor, similar to the smoke of a normal cigarette. A neat cloud of steam shows you when you are vaping properly.

For e-cigarettes in the sub-ohm range (0.5 ohms and less) with DL vaporizer, you have to inhale directly into the lungs for several seconds with the airflow fully open (without stopping in the mouth).

The e-cigarette doesn’t steam like it should?

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that smokers buy an e-cigarette , insert some kind of atomizer head and try to start vaping. Then it scratches your throat, the liquid splashes into your mouth, the mouthpiece gets too hot or there is almost no steam. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the e-cigarette to be banned in the closet as useless.

In order to be able to vape the e-cigarette properly as a beginner , you need an atomizer head with the indication MTL , since the draw resistance is greater and the amount of vapor is similar to a normal cigarette. Such evaporators usually have a resistance of at least 1.0 ohm. Use such an MTL vaporizer and draw soaaaaanz slowly and evenly. Only by pulling gently and longer does the vapor develop and the e-cigarette fulfills its purpose.

You should pay attention to:

  • To avoid that too much condensation water collects in the evaporator head, you should always ” tighten “. To do this, let go of the power button earlier and inhale the rest without lighting. In this way, the vapor that is still in the e-cigarette is inhaled with it and does not condense as much.
  • Do not press the power button until you actually begin to pull. If you press without pulling, there is a risk of damaging the atomizer head and burning (coking) the cotton wool. If the e-cigarette scratches : Lower the nicotine strength in the liquid or, if necessary, reduce the power on the device! If you are a complete beginner, the best thing to do is to start with short, so that your lungs can get used to the new way of nicotine intake.

Does it get hot on your lips when you pull ? Put the mouthpiece completely in your mouth and not just the front tip, so that the steam does not flow over the lips but directly into the oral cavity.