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Smoking has more demerits attached to it. Among a few disadvantages is that traditional cigarettes releasing over 50 harmful chemicals and toxins as by-products of which some notable like Tar, Carbon monoxide, Methanol, Formaldehyde, Acetylene, Vinyl Chloride, and Nitrogen Oxide just to mention a few with affects smokers’ health adversely. This has made lots of smokers turn to vaping but still yearn for vape pens that would help in making the transition easier. 

The pens are beautifully crafted from a stainlessl material with a size of L106.5*D10.5. Each vape pen has the capacity of producing 500 puffs. They come in 10 distinct non-toxic flavors which includes Omani mango, pineapples, banana, double apple, watermelon ice, dokha, taro ice cream, peppermint, energy bull, and red grape flavors.

Also, its 10W power capacity from a battery of 310mAh capacity ensures that there is enough heat to vaporize all of the e-juice contained in its 1.5ml pod to vapor so that there would be no by-product. It is pertinent to state that burning is what brings about harmful by-products in cigarettes but these have been adequately taken care of as Disposable vape vape pens with a resistance of 1.8ohms ensures that the flavor in the e-cigarette is vaped totally


It is been proven that smoking cigarettes can tell a great deal on your respiratory system, some of these substances have been tagged illegal in some countries. Regardless of these data youngsters are still huge users of these substances., and unfortunately they grow with this habit through their adulthood and it becomes an addiction. Some have been able to quit with the help of some therapy, while the majority have accepted their fate that they will never be able to quit this habit.

Letting those hot smoke go through your throat and hit your lungs directly can be dangerous. Fortunately, a better option has been created, a new technique of smoking known as vaporization is really helping people to not just quit those cheap and harmful cigarettes but to also enjoy the feeling of smoking with different flavors. An incredible part of the vape pen is the variety of flavors made from different spices and herbs. This is the latest fun activities in today’s club, instead of people smoking the regular cigarettes whose ashes could be a nuisance to a place, the vape pen has offered a more reliable and enjoyable smoking experience.


A vape pen offers the best smoking experience, and you can add an extra benefit to this experience by following some of the listed tips below.


Choosing Your Products

As previously mentioned, there are several types of e-cigarettes which means that there are different manufacturers. Due to the present competition, the price of e-cigarettes has been made much more affordable. You don’t need to spend so much on getting a quality product.

While other brands offer vape pen with a vapor or nicotine level that may be too high, and they encourage you to spend more before getting the best quality, our disposable vape pen is way better than those. After thorough research, we have developed a vape pen whose contents are in the most favorable levels, and its temperature and flavor match with that of the UAE.

Choose the right e-liquid.

The Eliquid is the substance that contains the flavor and comes out of the vape Pen as vapor. There are majorly two types, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG).

The propylene glycol is a thin and odorless liquid known as flavors carrier. It is commonly used to retain flavors and nicotine in the e-liquid. PG gives users the same feeling of smoking tobacco but this time, it has a more regulated nicotine level.

Vegetable glycerin is originated from vegetable oil, it is most suitable for vegetarians. Its E-liquid is much thicker, it also produces a much smoother vapor. The thickness of VG clogs the cape pen coil faster which reduces the life span of the device.

Decide on your nicotine strength. 

As previously mentioned, gaping gives you more control over the amount of nicotine you consume. You choose the e-liquid that contains the amount of nicotine you need. You can easily read the nicotine level of a cape pen, 0mg/ml shows that there is zero presence of nicotine. This makes the e-cigarette have a fuller flavor and also help those who wish to quit smoking.

A vape pen that reads 3mg/ml to 6mg/ml is considered light level it contains a moderate nicotine level, this is mostly consumed by those who want some nicotine but more flavor from their e-liquid.


Trying Different Vaping Styles


Have you heard of throat hit? A feeling of satisfaction you derive from the nicotine when it reaches the back of your throat. This a feeling you can’t trade from any smoker, its a satisfaction that is immeasurable. Learning how to smoke your e-cigarette can immensely increase your sensation.

Here is a short tip on how to enjoy your Vape Pen

  • When vaping, take a longer and slower drags, let the vapor bu8d for about 3 to 4 seconds
  • After dragging for few seconds, hold the vapor a bit longer exhaling. This will ensure the flavor reaches the back of the throat, giving you the most pleasant feeling.
  • Choose a flavor that interests you the most, for example, our brand Disposablevapehas 10 different flavors you select from. We have the 


One issue most user experience with their e-cigarette is the need to often replace the parts such as the batteries which will last no more than 300 charges or cartridges which may not last beyond 10 uses. Sometimes the coil may get burned out, and you will need to take it to a Vape shop for assistance. With the option of a disposable Vape pen, one can easily escape these difficulties.

When you are on the field of — in the UAE and you feel like lighting up a smoke, you can easily reach out for your Vape pen or when you visit a public place and you feel like vaping, you can easily use your disposable Vape pen which offers amazing flavors that will intrigue your audience. 

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