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We developed Ice Coke V-DO 600 for the soda lovers. If you have a sweet tooth, then Ice Coke V-DO 600 is the way to go. We understand that vapors have unique tastes and concepts of what they consider to be the perfect flavor for the perfect vaping session. As a result, we developed Ice Coke, a culmination of the best vape and the best soda flavor, cola.

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Ice Coke features a distinct, yet authentic soda-cola taste. Upon inhaling, you will immediately taste the distinct cola flavor, with distant hints of caramel. Fizzy notes create a surprising tingling sensation, which adds some edge and excitement to your vaping session. On exhale, a rush of ice-cool notes will leave your taste buds buzzing and yearning for more.

Ice Coke V-DO 600 is perfect for the hot Dubai days when all you can think of is an ice-cold coke. This flavor guarantees to quench your thirst for vaping on a hot day. Better yet, it will leave you feeling re-energized, reinvigorated, and refreshed.

With its intense hit, Ice-Coke V-DO 600 is guaranteed to provide the stimulation you need. The ice-cool exhales are key highlights for this flavor. The zest that this flavor is perfect for different kinds of vapors. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced vapor. Such is the ability of the Ice Coke V-DO 900 to satisfy a broad range of palates. So, don’t hesitate and add Ice Coke V-DO 600 to your shopping cart.

With over 600 hits per device, the V-DO 600 is a popular choice for vapors who want the ultimate vaping experience contained in a convenient package. Our compact designs introduce convenience to vaping and are easy to dispose of after use. The colorful and stylish design of the pens adds a vibrancy that complements the dynamic nature of our products. buy disposable vape online

Product details for the Ice Coke V-DO 600

  • Size: 10.2mm*15.8mm*108.5mm
  • Battery Capacity: 360mAh
  • E-liquid Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Puffs: 600+ puffs/hits
  • Nicotine Concentration: 2%

V-DO 600 pens are disposable, so there is no need to refill after you have exhausted the e-liquid

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