SMOOTH 500 Banana ice Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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Our smooth 500 banana flavor gives you the luxurious feeling you may never find elsewhere. One of the best vape store that offers a product that doesn’t just have an amazing taste but a quality feel. Our smooth 500 banana flavor gives you a mild and unexplained but fun experience when you puff from one of its e-cigarettes. Due to its pen-like shape, it can be your companion whenever you stroll out. A companion you can never leave behind or get tired of holding.

Vaping in Dubai keeps getting better as it keeps introducing innovations on the Vape pen. A vape pen consists of a coil, battery, resistor, and few electrical parts giving the name “an electronic cigar.” The Vape pod coil can get rusty if you are using a refillable e-cigarette, hence it can contaminate your Vape pen by giving it a burnt taste, Unfortunately, coils can’t be washed because they will burn out when used again after washing. To ensure that your vaping experience is not ruined by a damaged coil, we advised you to buy a disposable vape pen which doesn’t require you to change the coil. Its coil is built to last until you exhaust your last puff.

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Our disposable Vape offers a power of 10 W, this creates a warmer cloud of vapor, giving you the usual feel of smoking a Cigar. A watt level will immensely affect the flavor of your e-liquid, and also affect the level of hit throat (the level at which the nicotine hits your back throat and lungs: it’s the joy of smoking). With careful research, we obtained that 10watts is a perfect number to give you a more pleasurable experience

Battery capacity

The smooth 500 banana flavor has can be classified as one of the best Vape in Dubai with a battery capacity of 310mAh giving a lasting satisfaction of up to 500 puffs. If you are a tourist visiting Dubai, it will be a remarkable decision to buy a disposable Vape pen in Dubai. Our Vape pen batteries are designed to ensure you exhaust all your puffs before running down. Hence when you plan to embark on a short trip or tour, you are 100% sure that your Vape pod will serve you just fine.

Pod capacity

We do not mince our words when we say we sell one of the best disposable Vape pens in Dubai. Our e-liquid is contained in a pod capacity of 1.5ml. The pod capacity is the liquid storage area of our smooth 500 banana flavor. We meticulously designed a vape pod with 1.5ml that will ensure it gives enough aerosols required to produce exactly 500 puffs.


Our smooth 500 banana flavor has a 1.8 ohms resistance, 1.8 is a standard ohm for a good Vape pen which helps to produce a better flavor. Yes, the ohms have a great part to play in ensuring you get the best taste from your flavor. So when you buy disposable Vape in Dubai we recommend it should be 1.8ohmms.


Vape smoking is unique due to its content and structure. Smooth 500 disposable vape pen has a size of L106.5 * D10.5, rendering a portable and handy e-cigarette to users. The right choice of smoke that keeps you on a low profile. You can get our product from a vape shop in the UAE or buy from our online vape shop in the UAE


The smooth 500 disposable vape pen is made of stainless material, this gives it a more enticing look, increasing your appetite to consume one. It stands out above many others found in an e-cigarette shop in Dubai.


Don’t feel worried about the ease of getting our Vape pen, we do not only have an online Vape store in Dubai, but our products are also available in e-cigarette shops in Dubai. We do a 24 hours home delivery, hence we are assuring you that before you run out of your last puffs, there will surely be an agent standing right at your door. So don’t let the fun end when you can have more with just a few clicks on our online store.


Vaping is gradually replacing traditional smoking by the day as people are now appreciating the benefits of vaping more and more. Today vaping devices are appearing daily in the market leaving vapers with the choice of choosing from a wide range of products.

Vaping is largely about flavors. Even if you have the best modern e-cigarette but vape a low-quality e-liquid, you won’t enjoy the experience. Generally, it’s possible to invest in cheap e-liquids. However, they will most likely not deliver your favorite flavor hit because they have a thinner carrier liquid and the flavor is underwhelming. Some cheap e-liquids are also full of nasty things like additives. To enjoy a great vaping experience, invest in quality e-liquid such as our smooth 500 disposable vape pen.

A pack of our smooth 500 banana flavor contains 3 pieces of its enriching banana flavor. A piece produces 500 puffs which are equivalent to 2 and a half packet of a traditional cigarette. Hence giving it an investment of 75 AED will be one of the best decisions you can make.


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