SMOOTH500 Dokha Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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Smoking traditional cigarettes have more demerits attached to it. Among a few disadvantages is that traditional cigarettes releasing over 50 harmful chemicals and toxins as by-products of which some notable like Tar, Carbon monoxide, Methanol, Formaldehyde, Acetylene, Vinyl Chloride, and Nitrogen Oxide just to mention a few affects smokers’ health adversely. This has made lots of smokers turn to vape Which is a healthier way to smoke.

There are several kinds of Vape pen perhaps a thousand different types in the market, what makes the difference is the flavor and the quality of the puffs you inhale. Due to the saturated market, it is now difficult to obtain a firsthand Vape pen. The smooth 500 dokha disposable Vape pen is one of the recommended flavors we put on your table from our different flavors.

The dokha flavor gives you the same feeling you get from the old pipe, that tobacco feeling that gives you morethe very best sensation. The best thing about it this time is that we present a healthier and much better way to smoke. We spend quality time in developing the best vape pen that has world-class features and safety. You can buy from our online store in Dubai or an e-cigarette shop in Dubai. Increase your ecstasy this season.

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We’ve regulated our vape watts to 10 watts which give users the most fabulous experience.  Using a higher watt will produce too much vapor with excessive heat and this is not favorable to your flavors, it will lead to an annoying vaping experience. The smooth 500 dokha disposable vape pen of 10 watts assures you of an amazing experience similar or even better than your traditional cigarette. Is it your first time to use a vape? Our vape pens are just right for you, easy to use and quality smoke.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is an important component of the e-cigarette, it tells how much power it can store which also relays to us how long it can be used. The smooth 500 disposable Vape pen of 310 mAh produces up to 500 puffs, hence it is of top priority to ensure our vape pen has such battery capacity to last you until the last puff. Your Vape pen battery has the power to cut short your pleasurable vaping moments by running down on power, hence we suggest you invest in quality vape pen such as the smooth 500 dokha disposable pen for a better experience

Pod capacity

The smooth 500 disposable vape pen has a pod capacity of 1.5ml that ensures you enjoy every last drop of your e-liquid, the pod is built to ensure it disburses only good puffs. Our e-liquid pods have great tensile strength, you are safe that the heat from the atomizer won’t cause defect on the pod.


The smooth 500 dokha disposable vape pen has a resistance of 1.8 ohms, ensuring your e-liquid heats at the very right temperature which will deliver the very optimal dokha flavor. With a 1.8ohms you sure of having a satisfying vaping experience. Our vape pen resistance is also recommended for beginners, it offers a tender and smooth smoke flavor, enjoy your Arabian sensation from our dokha flavor disposable vape pen.


The smooth 500 disposable vape pen has the most portable sizes of L106.5 * D10.5, a unique look you may never find in any other Vape shop in Dubai. It looks to give it the classy look giving you the name tag of a gentleman smoker. A very silky feel adding to the luxurious gesture of the UAE environment. Easy to hold, very easy to use and a fantastic flavor.


Our smooth 500 dohka disposable Vape pen produces up to 500 puffs from its vape pod, ensuring its users never run out of smoke when vaping.


Our smooth 500 dokha disposable vape pen is available in e-cigarette shops in Dubai, or you can buy from our online store online in Dubai. Our online store offers a 24hours delivery service so that you don’t suffer scarcity of your amazing vaping experience.

Dubai is presently one of the best sites for tourists in the world, and while exploring its magnificent city, you shouldn’t forget to adjourn your travels with an amazing Vape experience. smooth 500 produces top-notch disposable Vape pens which have in its store up to 10 different flavors. With a battery capacity of 310mAh, you are 100% sure of using your Vape throughout your tour or field trip. It offers an excess of up to 500 puffs to ensure to never starve of your smoke. A resistance of 1. 8 ohms guarantees you of a safe use without getting burnt.


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