SMOOTH500 Energy Bull Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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The smooth 500 energy bull disposable vape pen goes way beyond giving you the smoking satisfaction you desire, it also gives you a feel of being powered. Taste has a great role to play in our psychology, the energy bull flavor makes you feel like you’ve been given an aspirin. It remains one of the best vape pens in Dubai. The smooth 500 energy bull disposable pen is the right flavor for vaping in UAE. This is because the cities give us nothing else than positive vibes, it will make a lot of sense to only partake in what will synchronize you to the same energy.

When next you feel bored in your apartment, you can walk up to a vape store in Dubai or simply visit our online vape store in Dubai and order for the unique energy bull vape pod to lit your atmosphere. You shouldn’t stress your self with the vigorous ways of adjusting the vape device settings to improve the quality of your flavor from your vape pen. Thee smooth 500 disposable vape pen, comes with the perfect setting to ensure you enjoy every single puff from your e-cigarette.

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With a power of 10 watts, the smooth 500 energy bull disposable vape pen is ready to give you the most optimized puffs. Very high watts will create too hot vapor and very low watts will create too cold vapor, hence it is of great priority to ensure your vape pen vaporizes at the right power. You don’t have to worry because we ensure all our products work on a 10 watts level which has been experimented to give the best vaping experience from a vape pod.

Battery Capacity

Dubai is presently one of the best sites for tourists in the world, and while exploring its magnificent city, you shouldn’t forget to enrich your travels with an amazing Vape experience. We produce top-notch disposable Vape pens with a battery capacity of 310mAh, which gives you a 100% assurance of vaping throughout your touring or field trips. The chances of experiencing a power failure with your vape pen when you haven’t exhausted your 500 puffs are zero percent.

Pod capacity

Embedded in the smooth 500 disposable Vape pen is a pod capacity of 1.5ml. A pod system is used instead of tanks because it has a better way of producing the same feeling you get when you smoke a cigarette but this time, it is a lot better with your new flavors.

The pod system carries the e-liquid (energy bull flavor) with enough storage to ensure you never run out during the cause of vaping. It ensures you get the best experience when vaping.


The resistance of your vape pen can greatly influence the intensity of your flavor. The smooth 500 energy bull disposable vape pen is served to our users at the best resistance level of 1.8 ohms. This gives our vape pen the edge to be known as one of the best Vape pens in UAE. We ensure you enjoy your vape at the right temperature and with the best flavors.


Our smooth 500 disposable pens are very portable with a size of L106.5 * D10.5, it can fit into your pocket and it looks just like a pen. The size of our vape pen is suitable for everyone, very light and handy so you don’t get tired of holding your e-cigarette when vaping.


The smooth 500 disposable pens is made of a stainless material that gives it the right disguise of a pen, hence you don’t need to carry a packet of cigarettes which announces to the whole world that a smoker is here, it is the best way to keep your smoking habit on a low profile


It offers an excess of up to 500 puffs to ensure you never starve of smoke. We deliver a good puff vape pen that gives you quality puffs and enough quantity to enjoy.

Unknown to most vapers, the design of the vape pen does influence the flavor delivery during vaping. Material for construction, mode of operation, the position of airflow, amount of airflow and size of bore drip tip does determine the amount of satisfaction that the vaper can enjoy.

One of the hardest things to do in vaping is choosing from a variety of flavors which can make your first pick seem like a herculean task. Thinking about the right flavor before you hit the e-cigarette shops can be very useful as it can save you some useful time. When purchasing vape pens, do not forget to always check if the vape pen you choose comes with the flavor that you like.

Our smooth 500 offers different flavors which will surely satisfy your taste gut, enjoy the best hit throat ever from our e-cigarettes.


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