SMOOTH500 Peppermint Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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Alas! Smokers who made the switch from smoking to vaping and have been craving for the flavor to rekindle the good old days can now smile. Smooth 500 disposable vape pen with peppermint flavor gives ex-smokers the luxurious feeling of smoking tobacco but with flavors that are more health-friendly. This is not just for ex-smokers only, newbies are sure to be delighted when they have a taste of these e-cigarettes and the feel they can give. The Smooth vape offers good “pepperminty” delight in each of the fantastic and flavor-filled 500 puffs it offers. It also leaves a very good taste in the mouth that can last all day long.

The much-awaited innovations needed in the vaping world has been brought in with the introduction of Smooth 500 range of disposable vape pens. The Smooth 500 peppermint-flavored disposable vape pens stand out as one of the best e-cigarettes one can vape in Dubai. With this brand, one does not have to buy e-liquid online in the UAE to refill the tank. This aspect has been adequately taken care of and all that one has to do is just purchase the best disposable vape pen and start receiving good puffs. Bringing convenience from the beginning straight down to the last puff.

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Smooth 500 peppermint flavor disposable vape pens come in power capacity of 10 W. This is enough wattage to bring out just about the right flavor in every one of its 500 puffs. Also be rest assured that you will get the right throat hit, which to many is the joy of smoking. With 10 W, the Smooth 500 peppermint flavor e-cigarette is a good puffs vape pen.

Battery capacity

The Smooth 500 peppermint flavor disposable pens have a battery capacity of 310mAh. This battery capacity gives it a durable battery life which enables it to last the whole of the 500 puffs supplying the same excitement in every puff. Be rest assured that sad tales of batteries not lasting long for the entire puffs do not apply to this e-cigarette. So whether you vape in Oman or the UAE, hit our online vape store to start enjoying the best disposable vape pen around.

Pod capacity

It is not a mere saying that we offered the best vape pens you can get. Our e-cigarette comes with a pod capacity of 1.5ml which is a good enough volume to contain as much e-liquid that will provide uninterrupted and savory 500 puffs. This ends the countless search for those looking to buy the best vape pod online and those who wish to buy e-liquids because the tank holds the e-liquid that will supply the necessary aerosols for the 500 puffs.


Electronic vaporizer devices are nothing without the resistance. Resistance has a say the heat that will be generated by the coil. Too high or too low resistance will affect the resistance thereby turning out either burnt flavor or at least undesirable flavors. 1.8 ohms is just the perfect resistance for the pleasurable vaping experience and is the resistance that the Smooth 500 disposable vape pen comes with.


Smooth 500 disposable peppermint vape pens have a size of L106.5 * D10.5 so no worries about its portability. It is quite handy as many vapers can attest and it does not consume much space in luggage. So in case you wish to travel outside the UAE, just log on to our online vape store in Dubai and buy vaping products that will not only guarantee you a good vaping experience but also portability.


The material from which the Smooth 500 peppermint disposable vape pen is made from is stainless steel. Stainless steel is better suited because of its lightness, cleanliness, and beauty that it brings to the disposable vape pen. Vapers in Dubai claim that the outlook of the disposable vape pen is so enticing that they can help but take a vape. Little wonder, Smooth 500 is listed among one of the best disposable vape pens we have in the world today.


Getting The Smooth 500 peppermint disposable vape pen is also very easy. All you need to do is just log on to our e-cigarette shop in the UAE and order for it. Delivery will be at your doorstep with just a few clicks. Delivery is always done 24/7 and no matter your location in the UAE or Oman, it will get to you. Is there a problem with visiting our online vape store? You can get the best disposable vape pen in e-cigarette stores not just in Dubai but generally in the UAE, and also in Oman.


Lots of smokers have been making the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Lots of people now vape in Dubai and Oman as they have come to terms with the fact that vaping is more beneficial than smoking. However, lots of these vapers are looking for the best vape in Dubai which also comes in pocket-friendly rates. Some of these vapers in the UAE spend time searching for how to buy good e-liquids online at a cheap rate but they always come back disappointed because their expectations were most likely not meet.

The Smooth 500 peppermint disposable vape pen comes at a very good rate for the amount of satisfaction that is to be derived from it. A pack that contains three pens with 500 scintillating puffs each goes for 75 AED. Purchasing these vape pens is one of the best things that a vaper can do.


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