SMOOTH500 Pineapple Disposable Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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The Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen is not just like your conventional e-cigarettes. Crafted with excellence and producing pleasure at every one of its 500 puffs, this pen promises to give vapers a wonderful vape smoking experience. This pineapple flavored Smooth 500 vape pen is unlike any other, it gives vapers the sweet and exciting taste of pineapple which not only excites the taste buds but also leaves a long-lasting impression. People who vape in Dubai and beyond can now wake up to the smooth taste of one of the best vape pens which is nothing short of pure delight.

The Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen brings versatility to the table. It can be vaped alone or can be taken alongside beverages. Little wonder those who have had the opportunity to vape this always passes it as a good puffs vape pen. Vaping in Dubai, the UAE in general and in Oman promises to be more fun with this disposable vape stig and you should key into it. So what are you waiting for? Start ordering the Smooth 500 vape brand from our vape store as well as in any top-notch e-cigarette shop in the UAE and start testifying what about all the goodness it offers.

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A power rating of 10 W is just enough to do the magic. With this wattage, the Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen gives vapers, most especially ex-smokers the feel of smoking real cigarettes by giving of a good cloud level and throat hit. This is one thing that sets this vape pen apart from other vapes.

Battery capacity

It is no mistake that the manufacturers of the Smooth 500 range of vape pens choose to use batteries with a capacity of 310 mAh. With this, vapers are guaranteed maximum satisfaction and an assurance that they will get 500 puffs complete. Vapers are wiser now, gone are the days when vapers will get less than the proclaimed number of hits that a pen can give. This is why the Smooth 500 brand is first among equals as our pens come with batteries that last long enough to give vapers 500 scintillating puffs.

Pod capacity

With us, your frequent searches on how to buy the best vape pod online have ended. The vape pod of this disposable pen has a volume of 1.5 ml. This contains enough pineapple e-liquid to last for 500 puffs. Since we began operation, there have not been issues regarding pod failure where aerosols failed to flow. This is the handiwork of excellent design.


With a resistance of 1.8 ohms, never worry about getting a better flavor. Resistance in vape pens although not appreciated by many, is a very important aspect to always watch out for. The Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen’s 1.8 ohm resistance gives the coil just the perfect heat to make the e-liquids for vapers to have that delicious pineapple taste in every puff. We offer convenience so that you won’t bother on how to buy e-liquids as our pens are not refillable.


The size of the Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen is L106.5 * D10.5. This makes it one of the very handy and portable. You can take it along with you any way you go and can pack it wherever space is no problem.


Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen offers beauty alongside performance. With a stylish design made from stainless material, this pen is sure to catch vapers’ attention with just the slightest look. Stainless steel remains the best-suited material as it helps to enhance aesthetics. Without a doubt, this is the best vape in Dubai.


With us, availability has never been an issue because we never run out of stock. We run a 24/7 online vape shop in the UAE where you can place an order and get it delivered right to your doorstep even before your last puff finishes. This is so much convenient, isn’t it? Getting the best vape pen in Dubai with just a few clicks. You can also get our high-quality products from vape shops in the UAE. Trust us, we will never allow you to run out of the good life.  

With all this goodness one would expect the Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen with exorbitant rates. But no, that is not the case. We offer top quality vaping experience with a scintillating flavor at the right price. Some even consider the price to be cheap compared to the level of vaping satisfaction they get from the vape pen. So don’t allow price deter you from experiencing how god vaping can be, get the Smooth 500 pineapple disposable vape pen today and start vaping your way into sweetness.


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