SMOOTH 500 Taro Ice Cream Vape (3 Pcs Pack)

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Smooth 500 taro ice cream disposable vape pen provides vapers with a special experience that might not be obtained elsewhere. The beauty of the taro ice cream flavor is that vapers who are well aware of the health benefits of the taro plants can enjoy the feeling of vaping a flavor that helps them health-wise instead of causing damages to the body. Puffing each of the 500 hits of the taro ice cream flavor affords vapers that special mildly sweet, nutty, starchy, and light taste of the taro ice cream. This is surely not just for ice cream lovers or people with a sweet tooth, just anybody will appreciate the goodness of one of the best vape pens around.

Another important feature of the taro ice cream flavor is the versatility of the taste. They can be vaped alone or with just about anything. Whether you wish to go alone or have a coffee in hand, tea or whatever, just be rest assured that the rich flavor of taro ice cream will complement the taste making it a good puff vape pen.

Smooth 500 disposable vape pens can be obtained from the very best vaporizer store in Dubai and UAE in general. So whether you wish to buy a disposable vape pen in Dubai or Oman, just hit our online vape store to start enjoying the wonderful vaping experience.

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With a power of 10 W, Smooth 500 disposable vape pens are not just about any other type of vape pen. This power rating brings out warmer vapor clouds that give vapers the feel of smoking the traditional cigarette. Since power rating has a direct say on the level of hit and the flavor of the e-liquid, 10 W is just the right power needed to give the best experience you crave.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of the Smooth 500 taro ice cream flavor disposable vape pens passes it as one of the best (if not the best) vape pens in Dubai. This is not unconnected to the 500 puffs that can be obtained from a single disposable vapes stig due to the 310mAh battery capacity. Be rest assured that a Smooth 500 buy can last you for a long time and you will not run out of hits sooner depending on how you vape. So if you plan to make a trip, just get a good number of the best vape pen and never have to worry.

Pod capacity

The pod capacity of our disposable vape pens makes them outstanding. In the past, vapers have to buy e-liquid online in the UAE and refill just to puff. But with the introduction of our vape pens, vapers now have convenience as the 1.5ml pod capacity of the Smooth 500 disposable vape pens provides just the right amount of aerosols that are required for a good vape. This pod was designed to hold the sweet and nutty taro ice cream flavor and releases the same in equal proportions throughout the 500 puffs. Try out the Smooth 500 taro ice cream disposable vape pen and say bye to the hassle of Vape pod buying.


Lots of vapers often question the effect of the resistance has in disposable vape pens. Well, the resistance does determine the amount of heat produced by the coil which might have a telling effect on the throat hits and taste of the flavor. Smooth 500 disposable vape pens, in general, comes with a resistance of 1.8 ohms which is not too high or too low but just perfect. This enables the vape pen to produce just the best taste for a pleasurable vaping experience.


With Smooth 500 disposable vape pens, portability is assured. These disposable vape pens come with a size of L106.5 * D10.5 which makes it quite handy for e-cigarette users to carry around. Get this trusted brand from our online shop in the UAE and start enjoying the convenience and portability that comes with it.


Smooth 500 disposable vape pens are made from stainless steel. Functionality is not the only thing that sets it apart, aesthetics is also factored in. This stainless look gives it an appetizing look that ignites the passion among vapers. In short, the Smooth 500 disposable taro ice cream flavor has both beauty and performance.


Our products are always available anytime, any day. We run as an online vape store in Dubai where you can purchase our disposable vape pens, buy e-medwakh, buy e-liquid online in the UAE, amongst others. We are touted to be the best e-cigarette shop in Dubai. But we are not restricted to the internet or Dubai alone, we also have our products in e-cigarette shops in the UAE and Oman. You can also order online with a few clicks and just before you know it, it is delivered to your doorstep. This is a convenience simplified.


Price, though important, shouldn’t be the very first consideration when purchasing a disposable vape pen. Good vaping depends on flavors and it is better to invest in the best disposable vape pens with quality e-liquids. Cheap e-liquids will not give the type of flavor hits that you desire and may have additives among others.

Smooth 500 disposable taro ice cream vape pens come in packs of three flavor-filled pieces with each stig produces 500 puffs which is almost the same produced by two and a half packet of conventional cigarettes. Picking one of these disposable pen packs at a cost of 75 AED is a decision that you can never regret.


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