SMOOTH 500 – Crazy Berries (3 Pcs Pack)

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SMOOTH 500 – Crazy Berries (3 Pcs Pack)

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With just the right power you are guaranteed an amazing vaping experience. The smooth 500 Raspberry  disposable Vape pen of 10 watts is not too high or too low, it is just the perfect watts for your disposable vape stig. It burns your e-liquid to give you the very best feel of your flavored watermelon ice. When transitioning from the traditional method of smoking to vaping, the level of watts of the vape pen matters, that’s why we have meticulously chosen the level that gives the best experience producing a similar or  better smoking experience than your traditional cigarette.

Battery capacity

The smooth 500 disposable Vape pen has a battery capacity of 310 mAh this guarantees you of an effortless and continuous vaping experience. There is no such thing as a low battery stopping you from harnessing the remaining of your e-liquid. We have built a better battery capacity that can carry you until your last puff, no disappointment, regardless of how you draw your puffs. Walk to a vape shop in Dubai or visit our online store in UAE to order for our smooth 500 disposable Vape pen.

Pod capacity

The smooth 500 watermelon ice disposable Vape pen has a pod capacity of 1.5ml, so don’t b scared of running out of your smoke soon, there is enough e-liquid to carry you throughout your entire session. Each vape pen holds up to 500 puffs which is equivalent to 2 and a half packet of a traditional cigarettes, this gives you a long and lasting vape experience.


A 1.8ohms gives the smooth 500 watermelon ice disposable Vape pen an indisputable edge of being one of the best vape pens in Dubai. A perfect ohm that produces quality smoke and a smooth taste of your flavor.


L106.5 * D10.5 is just the perfect size for the smooth 500 disposable Vape pen, very portable and can be taken anywhere without stress. Most novices confuse this finely designed vape pen to be an actual pen but are amazed to see you puff sweet fragrance smoke from it, its a sensation you won’t want to leave out.


The smooth 500 is made from a stainless material giving it a universal appearance that easily blends with your environment, its a low profile device, unlike the paper-wrapped traditional e-cigarette.

If you are serious about enjoying a better smoke rather than your boring cigarette that doesn’t have so many adventures as found in your e-cigarette. Making an extra investment beyond your favorite brown cigarette packet is a big plus. Spending more for a satisfying experience isn’t such a bad investment After all, and don’t get scared because they are affordable vape pens with awesome flavors.

We advise you to limit your exposure to cigarettes that contain harmful chemicals; these cigarettes are cheap and very easy to come across. Beware of some of these harmful products packaged, some contain chemicals like diacetyl and other hazardous ingredients.

Smooth 500 disposable Vape pen is one of the trusted vape brands found in several shops in UAE and also on its online store where you can freely and easily shop.