Winter is coming again and, in our region, it is accompanied by low temperatures and frost, but, nevertheless, many people continue to enjoy (or simply try to live comfortably) this time of year. The beautiful scenery, the light frost on the window panes with ornate patterns and, of course, the unique and wonderful snowfalls in their own way are a good thing, but not every day.

In other words, I would like to say that winter, unfortunately, also comes with a few problems, for example, a car stuck in the snow, you have to take off your glove to use your phone, etc. There are many other examples, but we are vapors, and we also have to prepare for winter, so let’s talk about 5 important nuances of vaporization during the cold season!

  • Do not use a metal mouthpiece (mouthpiece).

It is this shade that deserves to be mentioned first, almost everyone knows that the human skin even struggles to adhere to a metal surface in the cold. Therefore, by using a metal mouthpiece, you run the risk of sticking to it with your lips, which is not as pleasant as it is funny. To avoid such an incident, you can replace the mouthpiece with a plastic, derlin, glass or possibly rubber mouthpiece for 1-2 dollars, which is equivalent to the same balm or special hygienic lipstick, and much less pain and discomfort.

  • Be careful with your battery.

A purely technical nuance, because the battery and low temperatures are not a very good combination. In fact, some batteries refuse to work at all at temperatures below -20°C, and even if your good mod will not be used in such weather, it is worth taking some precautions outdoors. In short, the chemical process that takes place in the battery during use slows down and its energy level decreases, which greatly reduces the battery’s lifespan. To avoid this, just use common sense: try to store the steam generator in a cooler place, for example in the inside pocket of a jacket, and don’t forget it in the car at night. And if you suddenly have to be on the road, you should have a spare battery with you, just in case.

  • It’s worth avoiding liquids with a high VG content.

I note right away that if you are allergic to PG, i.e. propylene glycol, then we move on right away and keep the liquid warm. Otherwise, I want to draw your attention to the fact that glycerin itself (a.k.a. VG) is more viscous and thickens faster at low temperatures, so the thicker your liquid gets, the more it will be absorbed by the cotton. That is why, during the cold season, it is best to use a liquid with a PG content of at least 40-60%.

  • Protect your unit from moisture.

Yes, exactly, I may be the captain, but nevertheless, in winter everything can get wet or even wet – someone has clothes, someone has hands, a dog, a hat, and so on! Of course, snow has a specific shape, but let me remind you that it is also water, and our aircraft don’t like water very much. That’s why you should try to protect the mod from humidity.

  • Gloves.

Of course, many people wear gloves in winter, and at any time of the year. No, I don’t mean that touching with gloves can harm the device, but remember that with gloves, some of us become slightly uncomfortable. I’m talking about those moments when, because of them, something can fall out of our pocket against our will, or simply slip out of our hands (slippery friction coefficients and other nonsense in the field of physics). And of course, as mentioned above, woollen gloves are also a source of moisture.

And if, in general, then, it seems, these are all the most terrible shades for a vaper to face in winter. If you have other moments, we will be happy to hear about them!

Delicious and thick vapor, dear friends!