Do you still smoke cannabis? If that’s the case, read this guide on vaping to find out if you’re ready to make the switch – like thousands of others have already done. Not only is vaporizing healthier than smoking, but there are other benefits as well.

Vaping has become very popular in the past few years. Although research into vaporizing and its long-term health effects is ongoing, it is widely recognized as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. While many people have already switched from cigarettes to vaping e-liquids, vaping is now becoming increasingly popular among cannabis users. What is vaping and how is it different from smoking? What are the benefits and is it really safer?

What is vaporiZING?

The big difference between vaping and smoking is that you don’t burn your weed when you vape it, but rather heat it to a certain temperature. The heat eventually activates the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, allowing them to be released in the form of vapor and inhaled. As you inhale any smoke, as in a joint or a spliff were the case, the evaporation has some practical health benefits towards smoking.

The benefits of vaporiZING

  • It’s (probably) healthier than smoking
  • Vaping is more efficient and maximizes potency and bioavailability
  • You get more flavor
  • You can set your high

Vape high vs. smoke high

Aside from the cleaner, healthier vapor, another reason vaporizers have become so popular lately is because they produce a significantly different high. While each person’s experience with cannabis is unique, most people who have vaped will agree that it produces a “clearer high” than smoking cannabis out of a pipe or joint.

Based on our own personal experiences and those of other cannabis users, here are some of the biggest differences between the highs of vaporized and smoked cannabis:

Vape high

  • Less cognitively impairing.
  • More functional: Many people report that they find it easier to focus on tasks or stay productive after vaping cannabis compared to smoking.
  • More uplifting : Some people find that vaporizer highs tend to be more uplifting and energetic.

Smoke high

  • More Cognitively Impairing: Some people find that smoking cannabis “fogges” them more than vaporizing it.
  • More Relaxing or Sleepy Stoned: You may find that smoking cannabis produces a more relaxed, bulky high.

Remember that the chemical profile of the strain you are consuming has the greatest impact on your high. However, the fact that your concentrates or buds won’t burn when you vape them suggests that it could produce a cleaner, clearer high.

What research on cannabis vaporization says

Many people now use cannabis for purely medical reasons, and recreational use is increasingly tolerated, if not completely legal. It also opens up new opportunities for research in this field, not to mention the lucrative industry.

It has been found that the vapour contains fewer harmful toxins than smoke, even at higher temperatures. If you want to get most of the flavours, or if you prefer a milder high, you will probably opt for lower temperatures. So if you want to start vaporizing, make sure you choose a vaporizer that allows you to adjust the temperature. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of vaporizing.