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Disposablevape a Dubai, UAE vape brand, offers vapers simplicity in traveling with the introduction of its stainless disposable vape pens. The vape pens come in flavors of Omani mango, pineapples, banana, double apple, watermelon ice,dokha, taro ice cream, peppermint, energy bull and red grape flavors all in a pod tank of size 1.5ml. These vape pens are very portable and easy to travel with having a size of L106.5*D10.5 which when neatly packed, will not be a problem whatsoever.

There is also no fear for e-juice spillage as each vape pen has a tank capacity of 1.5ml which tightly keeps the fluid intact. In terms of safety, there is no need to be afraid of explosions because Disposablevapevape pens have a battery capacity of 310mAh, power of 10W and resistance of 1.8ohms. The brand has been tested and passed by several local and international safety standards bodies. So when next you want vape pens that you can travel with, hit e-cigarettes shop in Dubai and demand for the Disposablevape brand.



People usually get excited about their next trip. While booking tickets and making reservations for their accommodation, feeding, tours, etc and spend time thinking about the swell time they are about have when they get to their destination. But they forget one important area that is mostly overlooked by travelers – Their vaping equipment.

This issue has caused many problems especially onboard some airlines. Owners of e-cigarettes are usually accustomed to carrying the device with them wherever they go. But take some time to reflect and ask yourself if you will be able to take it along with you on this journey. There are some other things that you need to know to ensure that you a problem-free trip while traveling with your vape pen.

We present to you these proven tips which if put into use, will make your journey free of troubles as well as ensure that you enjoy vaping and your vacation simultaneously.


You should first of all be aware of the fact that some issues might arise when you are seen with vape pens and other e-cigarette accessories. There are some international regulations against the carriage of vape pens (and e-cigarettes in general) because the batteries in e-cigarettes pose serious threats as potential hazards if not properly handled. Generally, they are passed as safe by airlines when packed into carry-on luggage. Although, this may not apply to all airlines as some may have different regulations that may be changed over time.

To be sure, you may need to check with the airline, know their rules and regulations when it comes to carrying e-cigarettes. Before your being in the airport, browse their website and see if they allow vapers and vape pens on board their planes or if it is better packed in the carry-on luggage. It would be better to sort it out earlier at home rather than arranging and re-arranging at the airport or at worse, having the authorities confiscating your vape pens.


For vapers from the United Kingdom and the United States, vaping is enjoyed with relative ease and freedom. That is not to say that there are no strict rules in these countries regulating the use of vape pens, but the major concern is the children and teenagers and how to prevent them from turning to vaping giving adults the freedom to vape as they wish to. But this may not be so in other countries. Some countries allow vaping only in some designated places, outside which it becomes a crime. While others such as Uruguay, Brazil, and Singapore have laws that declare vaping as totally illegal and prohibited.

So before setting to any place, it is paramount that you must know the local law of your destination. Failure to do so, your items may be impounded by the Custom service or other local authorities and you may even be in a lot more trouble. Ensure that you check up the country you are traveling to and the laws and regulations on vaping before you make that move. Also, ensure that you abide by the laws of the land.


If after doing your checks, you now discover that the country of your destination approves vaping allowing you to go along with your vape pens and enjoying them whenever you wish, note that this shouldn’t be all. Then what next? Plan ahead, ensure that you have enough vape pens that would last you for your journey. Also, ensure that you have gotten the names and addresses of local vaping stores in case you run out of stock. This can be very helpful and time-saving.

If you wish to order from home as a result of not spotting a vaping store or other causes, factor in some more time for shipping and know when to order so that you can have them delivered to you right on time. Volumes should also be taken into consideration. Some airlines and indeed local authorities put restrictions on the number of e-cigarettes that may be allowed into the country.


Vape pens and the disposable vape pens (an improvement on the former) are quite sensitive materials. This means that when you are packing and transporting them, you need to be careful so that they won’t get damaged. The vape pens may experience a leak and the e-liquids may spill on the luggage or wherever you kept them so ensure that you pack them vertically. You can also devise another means or use some strap but ensure that they all stay in an upright position.

Another thing to consider is the batteries of the vape pens. These batteries are mostly heat-sensitive and can be damaged by a rise in temperature and it might become a source of explosion. But for the advent of the disposable vape pens, there have been cases of explosion of vape pens. The disposable vape pens have safer batteries especially when one buys original ones of good quality. But to be on the safer side, it is better to pack them neatly and keep them in a cool dry place.

You can now see that it is possible to travel with e-cigarettes. Stay clear of the risks but adhering to these tips and a trouble-free journey is guaranteed.

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