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Do you travel often or is your work related to driving? You love your device so much that you are not ready to part with it anywhere? We will explain how to make a good hover in your car.

  • Don’t hover with the windows closed.


Because your windshield will eventually be covered with a thin layer of sticky glycerin, easily visible on a sunny day. Your car will then look like a hedgehog in fog.

You may be wondering if the same thing happens to your lungs? It happens, but not quite like that. Glycerin and propylene glycol are metabolized and converted primarily to carbon dioxide and water in our bodies, regardless of how they got there: they were eaten, inhaled or in contact with the skin.

To reassure you, I would like to add that there is a body of research and evidence that indicates that glycerin has low toxicity.

What to do?

Plaque is best removed with a solution of water and vinegar, but if you are too lazy to clean your windshield periodically, simply open the window.

The absence of clouds of steam in front of your eyes will greatly improve your vision. This is especially true for fans of sub-ohm atomizers that produce incredible amounts of steam. So if you want to get from point A to point B safely, the solution here is simply to open a window, open a sunroof, lower the roof if you’re in a convertible, or not hovering at all while driving. This also applies to passengers, so make sure no one hovers while driving.

  • Be creative in choosing where to put your device

Why should you do this?

Yes, because while driving, many unexpected situations can at least occur. Many manufacturers’ engineers have not provided a place where you can put your unit in an upright position. And as we know, this can become a serious problem, because liquid tends to flow through the air duct openings when our unit is in a horizontal position. Unfortunately, since vaporization is a relatively new niche, we can only hope that one day, ashtrays will be replaced by supports for steam generators and liquids.

What to do?

We honestly searched, but we couldn’t find a practical, and above all universal support for ES (think young entrepreneurs), so you have to use your creative potential :

  • The first thing that came to mind was to put a rubber band through the air duct and put our cigarette in it. However, upon reflection we realized that this is only suitable for fans of classic ego devices, because the mod in the box won’t stay there.
  • The next idea was to put the device in the pocket of the door, but in this case, you have to press it with something so that it doesn’t roll on the pocket.
  • Then we tried the cup holder, but it turned out that most of them are not able to hold our cigarette in an upright position
  • The last option is to find a handcrafted support.
  • Try to never keep the drip tip close to your teeth

Why not?

We don’t know what country you live in, but most of our roads are dotted with joints or potholes. What can happen and how is it related, you ask? Well, you can damage your tooth enamel, and in the worst case, pay for a visit to the dentist.

What to do?

  • Use a plastic or turtle mouthpiece
  • Try to keep it not deep between the lips
  • Do not leave your device and liquid in the car

Why not?

At low and high temperatures, the composition of liquids begins to change, which can cause the device to leak and damage the liquid itself. Liquids with a high VG (glycerine) content are particularly susceptible to expansion.

What should be done?

It seems to be a good idea to use liquids with a high PG (propylene glycols) content because they do not expand as strongly as glycerin. However, it is best not to leave them in the car

With this informations you can actually hover in your car without risks or problem.  Thanks for reading and come back to us again.