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How To Avoid The Vapers Tongue

Sometimes when vaping, you notice that your taste bud in your tongue can no longer feel the flavor of the e-juice. This is a usual occurrence among vapers, you lose the ability to taste your vape juice sometimes. This seldom occurs, and it is also temporary.

A user can experience a vaper tongue if he or she vapes consistently for a short period of time. The vaper tongue is coated, and they find it difficult to differentiate flavors. Although the nicotine and the vapor consumption remain unaffected.

This article will help us to find the ultimate solution or vaccine to prevent vapers tongue. Mentioned below are natural and easy steps one could use to prevent vapers tongue. 

9 ways to get rid of vapers tongue

  1. Drink more water: Drinking water is necessary for maintaining healthy living. For vapers, taking more water help most of the flavor in vaper to perform more actively,

 especially if you vape often. It is recommended that vapers should not have dry mouth. 

  1. Cut down caffeine and alcohol consumption: Diuretics which causes an increase in the amount or frequency of urination is found in beverages and alcohol and can bring about dryness in mouth contact. This often causes dehydration in a vaper’s tongue. It is recommended that if you are often experiencing dry mouth to stop consuming beverages and alcohol.
  2. Use an oral hydration product: hydration products come in various forms such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and spray. Biotene is an oral dehydration product that can temporally cure mouth dehydration. Biotene does not contain alcohol like other products. The ingredients in Biotene include PG and VG, which are all e-liquid.
  3. Clean your tongue regularly: to get the optimal flavor from the vape, keeping your mouth cleans is recommended. Clean your tongue regularly with tongue scrappers to remove accumulated films on the surface of the tongue. this allows the flavor in vaper to have a direct impact with your tongue.
  4. Stop smoking: it’s a known fact the smoking causes dryness in the mouth. If you are a smoker, it’s advisable that you stop smoking. This will increase your ability to taste and if you recently stopped smoking and still can’t taste well, don’t panic, just give it a little more time.
  5. Take longer breaks in between vapes: if you have been constantly taking vapes between short intervals, stop and give some break. Constant chain vapes can take a toll on your flavor and smell receptors. Increasing your nicotine level is one of the ways to reduce vaping time because higher nicotine will satisfy you longer. On the other hand, if you don’t take nicotine, you can just give yourself breaks to allow the taste bud before taking another one.
  6. Switch juices: anything taken too often gradually loses its effectiveness. The same is applicable to vaping; if you vape the same flavor all the time, it will gradually be less vibrant compared to the first time you vaped it. If you want to get rid of flavor fatigue, then switch the flavor sometimes. This offers the opportunity to taste and experiment with flavors you have not taken before. By doing so, you can take a break from your all-day-vape and can come back to it any time you want. 
  7. Try a mentholated or cooling flavor: menthol activates thermoreceptors which is a nerve cell that is sensitive to change in temperature and that is why you can feel your eyes or your skin. Menthol might be the exact thing that you need to reset your taste even if you are not into menthol flavor. With mentholated vape, you can restore your taste buds and have a change of taste from your usual fruity and deserted flavor to something new.
  8. Vape unflavored: another good way of resetting a vaper’s tongue is by vaping an unflavored base. Unflavored e-juice does not have any taste at all except the slightly sweetness natural taste. So, you can turn this unflavored e-juice to have any taste you want it to have by simply adding any flavor of your choice. To get unflavored vape juice, go to DIY shops, and you can find the PG/VG ratio you prefer as well as your preferred nicotine level. Unflavored vape juice is usually cheaper than flavored juice.

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